Killington Police

Location: 800 Killington Road

Phone Number:  (802) 422-3241, Ext 8 (Non-Emergency Number)

Fax:  (802) 855-5241

Office Hours:  By Appointment  

    Whit Montgomery, Chief of Police     
    Michael Hoffman, Patrolman
    Christopher Roy, Patrolman


The Town of Killington Police Department is here to serve local residents, vacationers, second home owners and businesses. We understand the unique challenges a resort town can bring to law enforcement and the balanced approach the Police Department and its officers must employ.

The Killington Police Department is a part time law enforcement organization, responsible for over 54 miles of roads, 3,171 tax accounts and up to 16,000 people on a busy weekend (winter/summer). 

We are a strong believer of and implement the community oriented style of policing. This is a joint venture that brings together the police and the community in an attempt to solve neighborhood problems, quality of life issues and prevent crime. Resort policing also requires a unique perspective, understanding and philosophy, relying heavily on community oriented policing techniques and a focus on customer service.

The Killington Police Department Investigates crimes and incidents of all natures including:

* Thefts * Vandalisms * Burglaries * Drug Crimes * DUI Investigation And Arrest *  Animal Complaints/Problems * Patrol, Traffic Control *Responding To Calls For Service * Investigating Traffic Accidents And Criminal Offenses * Issuing Citations And Warnings * Serving Civil Process * Testifying In Court And Before Administrative Bodies * Making Application For Search Warrants And Arrest Warrants * Taking Juveniles, Intoxicated, Or Mentally Ill Persons Into Protective Custody * Writing Investigative Reports * Respond To Citizen Inquiries * Taking Fingerprints Of Arrested Persons, Searching For Latent Fingerprints * Searching For And Collecting Physical Evidence At Crime And Accident Scenes * Performing Various Rescue And Lifesaving Tasks *Participating In Raids And High-risk Warrant Services * Controlling Violent Or Resisting Subjects * Apprehending Fleeing Suspects On Foot Or In A Motor Vehicle *VIN verification *Activities To Suppress And Prevent Crimes * Provide Reasonable Response To Emergences * Resolve Difficult And Sensitive Citizen Inquiries And Complaints.

We interact with the Vermont State Police, police departments of other Vermont municipalities, and other law enforcement agencies to foster co-operation in the provision of police services.

We are an agency whose purpose is to fulfill the law enforcement needs of the people with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity, and to protect the inherent rights of the people to live and vacation in freedom and safety within our community. All within a reasonable budget.

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