Town Manager

Location:  2706 River Road

Phone Number:  (802) 422-3241, Ext 2

Fax:  (802) 855-5241

Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

     Michael Ramsey, Town Manager
     Linda Prine, Administrative Assistant
     Mary Ellen Keenan-Haff, Director of Finance
     Mona Hickory, Bookkeeper     


      1. Financial Management
      2. Tax Billing and Collection
      3. Sewer Billing and Collection
      4. Payroll and Accounts Payable/Receivable
      5. Economic Development Programs
      6. Capital Projects
      7. Legal Matters
      8. Government Relations
      9. Community Relations and Public Information
      10. Human Relations (Staff Management)
      11. Town Policy
      12. Insurance
      13. Driveway Permits (follow link to download form)
      14. Purchase copies of the Grand List

Tax Information:

The Town of Killington operates on a Fiscal (July-June) Year.  You will only receive one tax bill for the Real & Personal Property Taxes for the current tax (fiscal) year.  The tax bill is mailed out on or about July 1 and contains tear-off stubs to be sent in with each of the three payments.  Please save the main bill for your state income tax filing, if applicable.

Due Dates:   August 15; overdue August 25
                     November 15; overdue November 25
                     February 15; delinquent February 25

Late Fees:  

  • 1% interest per month for first 3 months and 1-1/2% per month thereafter will be added if paid after August 25, November 25 and February 25 respectively. 
  • 8% penalty added on entire unpaid tax balance after February 25.

Notice to Buyers & Sellers

  • Tax bills are sent to owners of record as of April 1st.  It is your responsibility to arrange any prorating of current year taxes and to see that the new owner is forwarded the tax bill.
  • Postmarks are not accepted.  Payments must be received by the close of business on either August 25th; November 25th; February 25th.  If these dates fall on a weekend, payments will be accepted on the following business day. 




Killington Road/Route 4 Sewer
Annual bond payments are billed in October and paid in two installments.
Due Dates:  November 15 & February 15

Alpine Drive Sewer

Annual bond payments are billed in April and paid in one installment.
Due Dates:  June 1 


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