Land Records

The Town of Killington's Land Records are indexed and scanned to January 1, 1980. 

The online system is available by clicking the link to the right; if you only want to view the index, there is no charge and you can sign in as a guest. If there is a record that you want to view or print, you must purchase a subscription or come to the Town Clerk's Office. You should log in as a guest first and be sure that the document is in the system before you pay for a subscription.

If you decide to purchase a subscription and you need help when creating an account, you can contact Cott technical support at 800-234-2688, first prompt is 8, second prompt is 1.

Cott Systems has moved to a new search platform known as Record Hub.  Below is a "Quick Tip" guide to searching on the new platform.  You can also view an introduction to RECORDhub on

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