Short-Term Rental Registration



  • The Short-Term Rental of a dwelling unit (using Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, Vacasa, etc.) within the Town of Killington requires a STR Registration from the Zoning Administrator.
  • A separate STR Registration application with permit fee is required for each STR unit.
  • STR Registrations run annually from November 1 to October 31 and need to be renewed each year by November 15th. There is no pro-rated fee for periods of less than one year.
  • A Short-Term Rental is defined as a furnished house, condominium, or other dwelling room or self-contained dwelling unit rented to the transient, traveling, or vacationing public for a period of fewer than 30 consecutive days and for more than 14 days per calendar year.  Owners renting for 14 days or less are encouraged to register to avoid getting automatic monitoring notices (no fee will be charged).
  • Dwelling Unit Capacity for a Short-Term Rental is two occupants per approved bedroom plus 2 additional occupants. For example, a 3-bedroom dwelling can be rented to 8 guests (3 bedrooms X occupants plus 2 additional occupants = 8). The occupancy of condominiums is determined by Act 250 permit and the plus 2 occupants does not apply.
  • The number of approved bedrooms is determined by a state Wastewater and Water Supply Permit, a state Land Use (Act 250) Permit or, for units constructed before July 1, 2007, a town zoning or septic permit. For septic systems built before 1975, the best evidence for the number of bedrooms on December 31, 2006 is used. 
  • An inspection report with occupancy approved from the state Division of Fire Safety is required for STRs with an occupancy of greater than 8 guests.  The Rutland Fire Safety office can be reached at 802-279-0946 to answer questions you may have and to set up an appointment.
  • The “Short Term Rental Safety, Health and Financial Obligations” form found on the Vermont Division of Fire Safety website must be completed and posted within all STR units. See:  “Short Term Rental Checklist” under
  • A declaration of insurance coverage specific to the renting of short-term vacation rentals is required.
  • An acknowledgement that Killington has a False Alarm Ordinance and that a short-term rental, if equipped with an alarm system, must have a call-in feature and a Knox Box is required.
  • The designated operator (the owner may be the designated operator) must be available by phone at all times that the Short-Term Rental is in use.
  • Parking by STR guests must be off-street. On-street parking is not permitted.
  • STRs with an occupancy of 16 or fewer guests are allowed in all zoning districts.
  • STRs with an occupancy of greater than 16 guests are not allowed in the Forest Reserve and Residential 1 and 3 zoning districts.
  • Failure to secure an STR Registration or advertising a Short-Term Rental for more than the approved maximum number of occupants (guests) are violations of the Town of Killington Zoning Bylaws and will be enforced.