Killington Neighborhood Watch

The Killington Neighborhood Watch program was started as an effort to increase communication, awareness and personal security in our town.  It was modeled after the National Neighborhood Watch Program.  It is designed to alert community members to issues and/or suspect activity as it takes place in our region.

The responsibility for the prevention and reduction of crime rests not only with law enforcement, but also with the individuals that make up the community we live in.  Community involvement with law enforcement enhances the relationship between the Constables and the community.  This involvement increases cooperation, understanding and trust, and creates a solid foundation for a healthy exchange of fears and concerns, as well as the confidence that together, we can solve our community's problems. 

Currently, the Killington Neighborhood Watch program is a web and email based program with a growing number of participants.  Anyone with Internet access can send a message to Whit Montgomery.  As events take place in town and get reported to Whit, everyone in the database is alerted to the event or situation in a quick and easy fashion, as email is checked regularly.  This information can then be forwarded to other family members and friends.  An established email base has proven to be successful in circulating the information to alert members of the community and enhance security.

Killington's Neighborhood Watch is not intended to be a policing agent, rather an open line of communication between community members, the Killington Police and State Police in an effort to reduce crime in Killington.

The Neighborhood Watch began with a handful of volunteers coming together to organize the program and get if off the ground.  Community participation is needed to ensure the future success of the Killington Neighborhood Watch program.  If you would like to be involved, email Whit.

The National Crime Prevention Council On-Line Resource Center offers crime prevention tips for self, home and family; community policing; neighborhood building; plus information on McGruff the Crime Dog and his nephew, Scruff.  Find out how you can help Take A Bite Out Of Crime!

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